UAB Marilana

UAB MARILANA is a privately owned research and innovation SME with a highly specialized international team of specialists in education and engineers in ICT sector. One of the core activities of the company is the development and support of Virtonomics is an online business game that gathers over 1 million players from all over the world.

UAB Marilana has been successfully expanding its activities to research and development of highly innovative ICT solutions combining gaming, education, and entrepreneurship and has a track of delivering quality solutions in these business areas.



R&D phase [2014 – present]

Simformer is a versatile and scalable business simulation platform based on Virtonomics. Simformer develops serious business games, simulations, e-learning courses, and training programs for businesses and educational institutions. A vast amount of functions and features of the platform provides opportunity to organize practical skill orientated training for both students and corporate clients in virtually all disciplines of business management.


R&D phase [2007 – present]

Virtonomics is a strategic online business game that gathers over 1 million players from all over the world. The game unifies multi-tiered business creation and management simulation (17 interconnected business processes, 141 types of subsidiaries), multi-dimensional global business simulation (25 industries, 203 products to produce, 33 countries, 300 cities), and virtual economy. Virtonomics offers an unparalleled online environment for individuals to develop business-oriented hard and soft skills, make connections, and have fun.



Smart Game Based Learning Simulating Business Environment for Education and Businesses. The SENECA project directly addresses the educational challenges, its starting point is the developed strategic gamified business simulation Virtonomics which has been designed and introduced to the private sector. The goal of SENECA is to create an innovative learning methodology and tools using interactive gamified ICT environment in order to reinforce economics, management, and entrepreneurship skills through formal and informal education at school, university, and vocational training levels. SENECA project proposal is focusing on Objective ICT 20-2015: Technologies for better human learning and teaching of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014-2015.

LuPer EU

Soft skill assessment and enhancement tools in playful environments based on The project aims to repurpose existing entertainment games mechanics for soft skills assessment and training by automatically creating appropriate, adaptable, and personalized content based on quantitative description of each individual user needs and profile. As a result, LuPer is not only aimed at developing technological systems for soft skill assessment and enhancement, but it also aims to advance theoretical and conceptual knowledge about the field, which is necessary for a wide range of disciplines, that are not necessarily represented in LuPer.